XML doc planning

Before I start trying to get my nav together I just wanna check if the structure of my xml file looks ok or if there’s some better way to write this?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>


	<main title="ABOUT US">
		<sub title="Presentation"><![CDATA[ Presentation text]]>
			<image url="main1/images1/01.jpg" />
			<image url="main1/images1/02.jpg" />
			<image url="main1/images1/03.jpg" />
			<image url="main1/images1/04.jpg" />
		<sub title="Friends"><![CDATA[ Friends text]]>
			<image url="main1/images2/01.jpg" />
			<image url="main1/images2/02.jpg" />
	<main title="BOOKS">
		<sub title="Book One"><![CDATA[ Book One text]]>
			<image url="main2/images1/01.jpg" />
			<image url="main2/images1/02.jpg" />
			<image url="main2/images1/03.jpg" />
			<image url="main2/images1/04.jpg" />
		<sub title="Book Two"><![CDATA[ Book Two text]]>
			<image url="main2/images2/01.jpg" />
			<image url="main2/images2/02.jpg" />
			<image url="main2/images2/03.jpg" />
		<sub title="Book Three"><![CDATA[ Book Three text]]>
			<image url="main2/images3/01.jpg" />
			<image url="main2/images3/02.jpg" />
			<image url="main2/images3/03.jpg" />
	<main title="MAGAZINES">
		<sub title="Magazine One"><![CDATA[ Magazine One text]]>
			<image url="main3/images1/01.jpg" />
			<image url="main3/images1/02.jpg" />
			<image url="main3/images1/03.jpg" />
			<image url="main3/images1/04.jpg" />
		<sub title="Magazine Two"><![CDATA[ Magazine Two text]]>
			<image url="main3/images2/01.jpg" />
			<image url="main3/images2/02.jpg" />