XML Driven Slideshow as Site Preloader

Hey All,

I’m a realtive newbie and this is my first call for help and I am in a Jam! We have been creating our company’s website through a consultant. I design and he programs in Flex and it has been moving along well. But as many of you experinece the scope creeped and we hit a few bugs and the budget is toast and the consultant is onto his next gig tomorrow. The site is done, but folks here are really upset that there is a loading bar and expect me to fix it.

So our site app is a respectable 345kb, but I need a better preloader. My concept is to use a XML/Flash slide show as the preloader. Give 'em a little slide show to pass the time while our main site app loads. Once loaded shut it down and move on.

I have used the slideshow_as2.fla posted by others [COLOR=#008000]www.kirupa.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2211226 [/COLOR]here as a standalone but I have no idea how to adapt it to serve as the preloader for our site. I know it is probably nobrainer for someone who knows what they are doing. The other catch is that is needs to load the our site app (main.swf) externally. We want to be able to tweak the slide show or change altogether without having to recompile the main app.

Anyone up for the challenge? You’ll really be saving my bacon.