Xml embeded fonts spacing problem

i am working on a xml mp3 player that works great, but i need to embed two different fonts in the playlist. i have a movie clip that contains another movie clip with two dynamic text fields side by side. that clip is duplicated to display the song name in one text field and the artist name in the other with xml. i want the artist field to be 8 pixels to the right of the track name. i am using the following function:

function makeButtons() {
tnNr = 0;
for (var i = 0; i<trkArray.length; i++) {
var track = trkClip_mc.trkName_mc.duplicateMovieClip(“trkName_mc”+i, 1000+i);
track._alpha = 0;
track.id = i;
track.trkField_txt.text = trkArray*;
track.artField_txt.text = artArray*;
track.artField_txt._x = track.trkField_txt.textWidth+8;
track._y = i%10*17;

the fonts are embeded and spaced correctly on my computer, but when i look on any other computer, the fonts are embeded correctly, but the artist name is overlapping the track name. can anyone suggest anything?