Xml-flash mp3 player code troubleshooting needed

Hi all…

I’m trying to make a SIMPLE xml-driven player in flash from a tutorial listed here:


but I’m experiencing bugs! I have 4 songs that I want to play immediately and cycle (with the last song automatically followed by the first one again upon ending). Right now, the first song isn’t always the same (it’s a bit random) and it doesn’t jump to the next song when it ends. Please help!!!

The flash file is attached. My .xml code goes as follows:

[SIZE=2]<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]<song name=“4am” file=“4am.mp3” />[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]<song name=“It’s OK 2 Love” file=“ok2love.mp3” />[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]<song name=“Stay” file=“stay.mp3” />[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]<song name=“Your Smile” file=“yoursmile.mp3” />[/SIZE]