Xml gallery images not loading on server1, fine on server2

I was up very late last night pulling my hair out. I took on, kind person that I am, with a soft spot for starving artists, an unfinished Flash site. It utilizes a 3rd party xml thumbs/pics with captions gallery that “scatters” what looks like polaroids. Besides being unfinished and aesthetically disjointed, it was also using getURL to load a new HTML file for each category. All of the interior pages were over 300K and utilized the same 1000x640 BG. Other than aesthetics I decided to use loadMovieNum to load subsequent SWFs in level 1 and on (release) { unloadMovieNum (1); _level0.gotoAndPlay (“mylabel”); } on 2 of the buttons that launch a popup mc. This is the only way other than aesthetics and removing redundant objects like navigation from the subSWFs that the new files differ.

When uploaded to the clients domain the scattered “polaroid” thumbs briefly show the preloader and then just hang as white boxes, clicking for the full-sized version is also just white but captions are showing. I uploaded the same files to a different server and all is well.

There are no missing files, xml or JPG. Paths are correct, everthing works on my local machine. I even reuploaded the old files I replaced to the client’s domain & the scattered images gallery is working.