XML Gallery, need help with thumbnail overview

I’ve made a gallery using this great tutorial: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx2004/xml_flash_photogallery.htm

Now I’d like to add a function which uses the image container to show thumbnails of all the pictures and maybe with an effect of fading in. You should be able to click the thumbnails, go the picture and still use the forward/backward buttons.

Somehow each thumbnail should have the right ‘ID’ § so the image can be showed using:

picture.loadMovie(image[p], 1);

I’m not completely familiar with AS yet, so a couple of suggestions would be awesome. Still learning… :).

I also thought about making it in another frame of the timeline and then jump back when clicking one of the thumbs, but since the tutorials uses functions and works very well, I’d like to continue ‘down that road’.

Looking forward to hear from you!