XML gallery - ok I'm stuck

I’ve been trying to code an XML gallery, and it was going very well. I got it to display the thumbnails with text, and made it look nice and everything.
Well, it seems I came to a stop… I can’t seem to figure out a way to preload the images, have image rollover effects, or have an onPress event (on the images, to pop up the larger version).
So it’s like half complete.
http://therealnickhansen.com/FLA - this is what I have so far

The files are here:

Any help would be great, or a link to a tutorial that does something VERY similar (I can’t seem to change the photo slide show to what I need, or the other XML gallery tutorials)

I’m beginning to think I have to do it all manually and dump the XML… but i REALLY don’t want to.

Help me out :slight_smile: thanks!