XML Guestbook - Why relative path?


I noticed something strange with the xml guestbook. When I wanted to test it in flash itself, i pointed to my server, in other words, i used an absolute path: eg


same for the php file.

When i did this, the xml just got blanc when submitting messages, even online.

When i use relative paths, like:


and test it online, no troubles though…Could someone explain me why? Maybe stupid question, but it’s the first time I run into something like this :eye:

Sorry could not answer yours…just want to bump the post coz I really like to know about this too…

Someone can explain it a lot better than me but I am pretty sure it is because of a security issue. It will only work with reative paths which you already discovered.

However there is a way around this, I remember reading about it. I will look for a link, it may even be on kirupa i can’t remember.