XML image/info loading

hi there,

im working on an XML based image/text loading movie based on the tutorial on this site. things are working great, but im having a little trouble with two things. i should probably put the XML file here to put things in context.

now if you look below, there are a bunch of group nodes, with description nodes nestled inside. i want to be able to read any existing description values into an array, but i can only seem to extract the value for the first description tag with a literal

itemDesc* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[0].firstChild.nodeValue;

anyone tell me how to get it from how ever many description nodes there are in the doc?

#2. I want to extract the values from the image tags only within whatever group is loaded at the time, into a single array. anyone know how to do this?

this targeting stuff is so confusing.

thanks in advance! tom

XML file:
<group name=“item 1” id=“0”>
<description>this is the description for 1</description> // this one
<image id=“0”>images/image_1.jpg</image>
<image id=“1”>images/image_2.jpg</image>

<group name=“item 2” id=“1”>
<description>this is the description for 2</description>
<image id=“0”>images/image_3.jpg</image>
<image id=“1”>images/image_4.jpg</image>
<image id=“2”>images/image_5.jpg</image>

<group name=“item 3” id=“2”>
<description>this is the description for 3</description>
<image id=“0”>images/image_6.jpg</image>
<image id=“1”>images/image_7.jpg</image>
<image id=“2”>images/image_1.jpg</image>