XML link error

I have a loop creating a MC and it brings in an image, some text and a link. The Image and text come in properly, but the links both point to the same path.

Can someone help me out?

This is my XML:

  <bar title="Patient Instructions" image="images/p_inst.jpg" file="PatientInstructions.pdf"/>
  <bar title="Specimen Collection Tube" image="images/ctube.jpg" file="collectiontube.pdf"/>

And the ActionScript:

for (var s = 0; s<scount; s++) {
        var side_mc = mcSide.attachMovie("MC_SideBar", "side"+side_count, side_count);
        side_mc._y = side_count*side_spacing;
        // Dynamic Symbols for sidebar Loop
        side_mc.txtSBItem.text = bar[s].attributes.title;
        var URLvar = bar[s].attributes.file;
        // Variables to execute On Click for PDF Links
        this.side_mc.onRelease = function(){
            getURL("pdf/"+URLvar, "_blank");

And I get the effect of 2 Movie Clips made, each of them load the proper “image” and “title” attribute, but for some reason, both of the MovieClips link to the second “file” attibute which is ‘collectiontube.pdf’

can someone help me out here? this is the last item I need to do and this project is finished.

Thanks!! =)