XML link

Hello folks,
Like always i must ask for help.
I need to add a link on a picture in a photogallery. The sample is here, but when i download the fla file the link do not work but on the site works.


I simply **need to add a link **on my photos in my testwebpage
*I tried just to add into xml the code[size=1] , but it is not enough. :slight_smile:
[/size] [size=1]<image>http://www.minigrafija.si/~jernej/foto/pics/1.jpg</image>[/size]

[size=1] <caption>http://www.alpdom.si</caption>[/size]

[size=1] ** <link>http://www.alpdom.si</link>**[/size]

Could anyone help me with this? Thank you!