XML loaded data -- display results 1-39

Notice how in this forum, it will only display 39 threads per page in the index? And it has next and previous buttons to display the next 39 results. E.g. it will say “displaying 1-39”, then if you click the next arrow, it will display 39-78 (or whatever), etc.

I’m wanting to do something similar to this with some data I’ve loaded out of an XML file. I understand that the loop would perhaps have to say something like “for (i=0; i<39; i++)” to display the first 39 results, but how would I then allow it to go on and display the remaining ones…remember that this is dynamic - the XML file may change and will not always have the same number of items in it so I cannot hard-code any total values into Flash.

If anyone has seen a tutorial or examples of this kind of thing on the web, perhaps within an XML photo gallery, then I would very much appreciate the link to it so I can see how it’s done!

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile: