XML, loading an external file to a textfield

IF anyone can help me with this ill email you a new car!

The lowdown:
The thing im trying to achieve is to load a value from an xml file, the value is “hello.txt”. This works like a charm,
The problem is: i want to load the content of “hello.txt” into a dynamic textfield.
I have traced the value all the way down to where the actual loading takes place. I cant seem to get the syntax right. Please help!

[color=seagreen]This is the name of the variable im declaring for my xml node[/color]
description = new Array();
[color=#2e8b57]This is where i load the value from the xml.[/color]
description* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[4].firstChild.nodeValue;
[color=red]Heres the problem:[/color]
function nextImages() {
if (p<(total-1)) {
if (loaded == filesize) {
picture._alpha = 0;
picture2._alpha = 0;
picture.loadMovie(image[p], 1);
picture2.loadMovie(image2[p], 2);
titel_txt.text = titel[p];
[color=red] [/color][color=#2e8b57]/This is where i put the “hello.txt” into a variable called besK.[/color][color=red] [color=#2e8b57]/[/color][/color]
[color=red] besK = description[p];[/color]
[color=red] [color=#2e8b57]/This is where i try to load “hello.txt” into the hejsan dynamic textfield:/
[/color] loadVariables(“besK”, hejsan.htmlText);[/color] [color=red]
[/color] linkS = link[p];
[color=#2e8b57]/Note that i have to do this within the function in order to update it when i choose to go to the next set of images/[/color]

Help please :sailor: