XML mailinglist

I know it’s possible to make emailforms in flash and stuff but i want to make an mailinglist as well in flash.

just simple with an "inputtextfile to fill in the email adress and to radiobuttons with subscribe and unsubscribe and ofcourse a submit button.

Is it possible to make an external xml file that keeps up the list and ofcourse a notification in my email inbox?

And i even don’t know how to create an auto send back message to the sender.

Is there someone that can help me with it? i would be very pleased. :gm: :rd: :pirate3: :frowning: :{ :thumb: :x :bored: :q: :ch: :gas: :smirk: :ponder: :look: :+) :te: :a: :pir: :!: :run: :pleased: