.xml menu buttons, to visual arrays?

ok, a tricky one for all you .xml genii!

i’m trying to create a dynamic ‘menu’, whose buttons ‘build’ two separate onscreen references. the text for the buttons is currently stored in an external .xml - however the ‘effect of clicking’ them, needs to be editable through some kind of onscreen interface (for power-users to alter online/offline, on usb-keys, cd, locally, or via a secure website).

the first list to be created by the clicks, will be regular text. it will just add the necessary information beneath whatever has already been added (revealed as a list, when an onscreen button is clicked: ‘show selections’ etc.). the second and more complex part, will be the relationship between selected & unselected _mc’s. these _mc’s will each include an clip that will be triggered by the clicking process, normally to change colour. easy enough so far, the difficult bit is that the relationship between the two needs to be tabulated.

so, the question is: how to begin? is there a straightforward way to build the associations between say 20 buttons (dynamically created as an array) and ‘what the button does’? the 20 buttons will be linked to 10 ‘solutions’, several of which will be highlighted by the same buttons.

any suggestions? there is a budget - IM me with your contact details if you have a suggestion that could work!

thank you in advance…