Xml menu - replacing or covering up

I’ve been working on an xml menu since thurs. and have tried every which way and still can’t seem to get it working. I’d like to have it totally in actionscript 2, one level and able to do multiline with wordwrap.

Right now i’m just trying to get it to display correctly. The buttons I think i have figured out once i can get the first part.

I think I’m close, very close, but something’s happening. It’s either replacing or covering up the previous menu item. I’m suspecting replacing because even larger textfields don’t show under the last menu item. Here’s my actionscript:

stop ();
//create menu.
function generateMenu (myxml)
 var item = myxml.firstChild.childNodes;
 for (var i:Number = 0; i < item.length; i++)
  titleString = item*.attributes.title;
  trace (titleString);
  createEmptyMovieClip ("titleButton"+i,10);
   createTextField ("item_txt",4,0,0,100,19);
   item_txt.autoSize = "left";
   item_txt.multiline = true;
   item_txt.wordWrap = true;
   item_txt.selectable = true;
   var my_fmt1:TextFormat = new TextFormat ();
   my_fmt1.color = 0xFF0000;
   my_fmt1.bold = true;
   my_fmt1.font = "Arial";
   item_txt.text = titleString;
   item_txt.setTextFormat (my_fmt1);
   this.createEmptyMovieClip ("button_up",3);
   button_up.beginFill (0xEBA801,100);
   button_up.moveTo (0,0);
   button_up.lineTo (0 + item_txt._width,0);
   button_up.lineTo (0 + item_txt._width,0 + item_txt._height);
   button_up.lineTo (0,0 + item_txt._height);
   button_up.endFill ();
   this.createEmptyMovieClip ("button_down",2);
   button_down.beginFill (0xCD33301,100);
   button_down.moveTo (0,0);
   button_down.lineTo (0 + item_txt._width,0);
   button_down.lineTo (0 + item_txt._width,0 + item_txt._height);
   button_down.lineTo (0,0 + item_txt._height);
   button_down.endFill ();
//xml function
var myxml = new XML ();
myxml.ignoreWhite = true;
myxml.onLoad = function (success)
 if (success)
  generateMenu (this);
  trace ("success");
  trace ("error load xml");
myxml.load ("xml1_1.xml");

and here’s the xml. it’s simple.

          <item title="Cycles" links="http://www.webstudio.com.cn"/>
          <item title="Cost in this is going to produce a double lined textbox for sure." links="http://www.flashden.net"/>
          <item title="Facilities" links="http://www.flashden.net"/>
          <item title="Basics" links="http://www.webstudio.com.cn"/>

I believe it will only take a line or two to get it working. Thanks so much!