Xml menu


i am trying to build a menu from a xml file. Every thing works great except i am trying to uses the fpath to work as the link for each button. But at the moment all the buttons load the same file. any ideas??

function loadData(success) {
if (success) {
// getting all titles and filenames
fPath = new Array();
fileTitle = new Array();
files = new Array();
files = this.firstChild.childNodes;
files_total = files.length;
for (var i = 0; i<files_total; i++) {
fPath = files*.attributes.path;
// build filelist buttons
bot.filelist.btn.duplicateMovieClip(“btn”+i, i);
bot.filelist[“btn”+i]._y = bot.filelist.btn._y+iint(bot.filelist.btn._height)+i;
bot.filelist[“btn”+i].txt = fileTitle
bot.filelist[“btn”+i].hit.onPress = function() {
// done. delete trash.
delete files;
delete files_xml;