XML Photo allery - loading xml problem

I have the Photo gallery using XML and Flash being loaded from a button into an emptyMC from the tutorial [URL=http://www.tableau.com.au/tutorials/coverPreloader/]CoverPreloader .

When the PhotoGallery is brought in I am having some issues.

#1. Sometimes the data is not loaded into the dynamic fields. If I hit next it will show the 2nd entry but the first will not appear and the words that I have prefilled in the .FLA are loaded instead. This only happens sometimes but enough to notice it. Is this a bug?

#2. In the main SWF file the button release causes the Photogallery SWF to be loaded and has a square scaling transition. Every time I hit the next or previous button the same transition happens as well instead of the fade of just the image from one to the next. This happens intermitenly as well. But is more noticable. And ideas as to what is happening?

Example is HERE, click on "stylist link.

thanks in advance for any input or suggestions.