XML Photo Gallery Tuturial: KeyDown Bug...?

OK here’s one -

I’m using Kirupa’s great xml gallery and have done some great customization to it and plan to do more however I’ve hit an annoying little prob, which I’m just underskilled enough to not fix.

My entire site is in flash (MX Pro 2004) with several scenes in the entire movie. Getting to the photo gallery page intially, the arrow keys load the previous and next images incrementally by 1. However, upon leaving this scene, and returning to it from either a scene before or after it, the images skip, by 2! It’s driving me loopy trying to figure it.

Among other tests I used the untouched, original gallery .fla, threw extra scenes in, and the same problem.

I really want to keep the key function in, but if I can’t sort it out, it’ll have to be removed I suppose, slaving users to their mice to point and click on the buttons.

Help me out? maybe I’ll have better luck this time with an answer…

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