Xml photoalbum

I’m a newbie and im tring to do to very simple photoalbum.
i keep trying to find some tutorial or script that i could apply to what i want but, they all to complex.
The first one i’m trying to do is a simple photolibrary: let say you have 3 differents sections and about 60 pics per section. i just want the pics to show up in my flash movie in thumbnail 2 row 5 column. you click on the thum and it popup a html window with the bigger pic inside.

the second one will be the selcut artcut photo library but instead of thumbnail i would like to have just text like, 1,2,3,4,5,6…
and also when i click on the preview pic that it popup a html window with video. i cant figure out how to make it list viddeos instead of pics. i guestis because of the embed form. maybe possible if instead of generate an html, when i click on the preview pic it should load and preformated html.

thanks a lot for your help guys