Xml photogallery for myspace

so here’s what I’m trying to do, and here’s the problem

I’m trying to make an easily updatable photo gallery in flash to be placed on a friend of mine’s myspace page. I used this tut


the swf reads an xml file and can then display the pics and captions from that xml file. so all I’ll need to update in the future is the xml file and upload the new pics to a server and I’d be done, no need to open up the fla at all.

the only thing I changed from the original is the design to make it match her myspace page better. as far as the action script, the only part I’ve touched is the location of the images.xml file

changed from




[COLOR=DarkGreen] xmlData.load(“http://www.the1801.com/thejared/temp/images.xml”);[/COLOR]

whenever I change the action script to go get the xml file from somewhere online, rather than just grab it out of the same directory as the swf, it seems to have trouble.

I created a photobucket account for her and have all the pics uploaded to it, but since photobucket only allows pics, vids, and swf, I needed a place to host the xml. So I set it up on a freewebs account (free hosting site) and eventually on a temporary server I have access to (as a test place).

the problem is when I embed the swf in a page, it plays it, but it can’t load the xml file.

won’t work, but
[COLOR=DarkGreen] src=“photogallery.swf”[/COLOR]
will work, even if the html page that’s loading it is in the same temp folder. this is a problem, being that it needs to be embedded into a myspace page

for those unfamiliar with myspace, they restrict some things on their pages. Iframes aren’t allowed (which would have been the easiest solution). you can’t use javascript, and object tags don’t work. so basically you’re stuck with the embed tag. besides that though, pretty much the rest of HTML is allowed and I’m pretty sure everything in CSS is allowed, (as long as you’re not blocking thier ads).

here’s a test page
the top is a link to how it should display, the three things in the middle are my attempts to host it online and link to it from another page (like what would be happening on myspace).feel free to view source. in IE the freewebs one won’t display (for me) at all, I think freewebs may have something to stop linking to thier files from other pages (anti-leeching), however in FF for me it displays perfectly the way I want it to, but this could just be on my computer, being that I may have logged in or viewed the original swf on the freewebs server and firefox’s weird caching system may just be retrieving it or something (I don’t know). anyways, I want something that works every time in any browser and on any OS (especially mac, since my retarded friend spent an ungodly amount of money on an ibook that is only used for changing songs on her ipod and playing around on myspace)

the fla is in Flash MX 2004, but I also have Flash 8 if it will help anything

things I’m unclear about that may be a solution:
there’s an option when exporting fla’s as swf in Flash Pro 8
Local playback security: Access local files only or Access network only
don’t know what that means

k, here are links to just about everything relating to this, incase any of it is needed.


just as a note, the goal is to have an easily updatable photogallery, preferable something that all I need to do is edit a text file and everything will be updated, so if there’s another way around this entire thing, I’m open.

I know it’s possible, because there are services out there that allow you to do on-the-fly loading of images into an swf on myspace pages, but I don’t like the way they stamp there names all over it, and the lack of control over the look of it. I’m guessing it may be using something with php or something, which I wouldn’t have access to (no server of my own to use for php, plus I don’t really know any php)