XML Photogallery loading to level 1 issues

Hi All,

I’m using a photogallery swf called simpleviewer v1.8, free to download and nice to work with (ish).
I have my main swf which i load other swfs (different instances of simpleviewer) into level 1 of thae main swf. These other swfs(simpleviewer) are located in different folders and are used more than once with different galleries. It works fine when the swf and the xml file are in the root directory of the site, but when I move them to another directory and try to load them to level 1 it finds the simpleviewer swf but no gallery because the its looking to load the xml file from the root directory.
i only have the simpleviewer swf and not the fla. the only code I can change is the xml code. I’ve tried changing the code from:




but this didnt seem to solve it.

I dont think having the AS code will help as I have tried this with a slideshow i created and that isnt working either.

The issue is with loading to level 1 as far as i can see. can anyone shed any light on this for me please?

A Tired and emotional webdesigner

ps. I’ll add the code im using in about 1.5 hours if that would help?