Xml photogallery with thumbnails

[COLOR=blue]Hi all,[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]I’ve recently done the kirupa tutorial on creating a photogallery with thumbnails which I got to work fine. Unfortunately when I try to substitute in my own images into the xml file the following error comes up[/COLOR]

Error opening URL “file:///U|/example%5Fgallery/thumbnail%5Ffinal/null”

[COLOR=blue]I have the image files in the same folder as the .fla and .xml files and have tried changing the image files from .png and .bmp to .jpg files but there was no change.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]The original program which i created with the tutorial works fine and the only changes I made where to the images.xml file?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#0000ff]I’ve attached all the .fla file, the xml file as images.txt as I can’t attach an xml file, and all the relevant images in pics.zip. I was wondering if anyone could see any mistakes I’ve made??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#0000ff]Thanks in advance,[/COLOR]