Xml pics into dynamic movieclips... To load images...?

Can anyone help me please…I’m new to xml and flash integration… so please bear with me!

I’m calling in images from xml like so…

image* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[0].firstChild.nodeValue;

The image paths are appearing in the output window via a trace. So that bit works.

I cant get them to load into the movieclips generated to hold them.

while (Number(n)<_root.no_ofpics) {
    n = Number(n)+1;
    bn = "button" add n;
    duplicateMovieClip("button", bn, n);
setProperty(bn, _x, Number(getProperty(bn, _x))+Number(n*(getProperty(bn, _width)-12)));
                //for (var i = picsroot.firstChild; i != null; i=i.nextSibling) { 
                    bn = attachMovie (bn add ".n", "bn" + count, depth ++, {} );
somehow...load images!?!

How should i be expressing the load in this case?

“bn” + count.loadMovie(image*);
or even
loadMovie(“images/image”+n+".jpg", bn add “.blank” );
or similar?!?
this is bending my brain!