XML populated hyperlink

I am working on a new rotator for an RSS feed. One of the fields I am displaying in the rotator is an article description. After the description, I would like to add a hyperlink that links to the page referenced. The link path, as well as all the data displayed, exists in the XML RSS file. I would like to append the link to the end of the article description and to display it in the form of the word “More”.

Currently I am pulling in the description fine. I would now like to add the link, but I’m not sure how to append it. I don’t know if I should create a button and try to put that on the end of the XML data, or is there a way to just create a text variable with a value of “More” and assign it a URL request.

the code to get my description looks like this:

NewsBox.description.htmlText = xmlItem.description;

How do I append a text hyperlink onto that?

Thanks for any help.