XML Preload/Slideshow Challenge

I know this has been asked and asked, but I honestly browsed all the xml preload tuts and forum topics and cant find my specific answer.

I have an xml file, that lists all the pictures in my slide show on my site. 

The flash loads them into the movie per request. I want to display a preload each time a new image is brought in displaying bytes loaded and bytes total as thier is a delay on dial up. Also, i can only browse through the pictures from start to finish, but at the last picture, it wont go back to #1.

This would help me so much in understanding preload, and if you know how to go back to pic #1 or call out thumbnails and link to any picture within the xml that would be a bonus.

 I have attached the files.  THANKS IN ADVANCE.

P.S. The working model is [www.redmondent.com/products.htm](http://www.redmondent.com/products.htm)
    The source link is [www.redmondent.com/ftp/](http://www.redmondent.com/ftp/)

(the file is “slides.zip” and contains the swf, fla, and xml files)

You using MX '04? / pro?
If so, have you checked out the MovieClipLoader component and Progress Bar thing?
I think they’d do the trick nicely…if you want to use components.

I have not had much luck with the component preloader… but if you look at my posted fla source file and could tell me the actionscript to put in to make it run the preloader every time a new picture is loading in, i would appreciate the code!

I am using mx pro 2004