XML Question / Dynamic Content

Hello everyone I am hoping someone can help me with my problem.

I have a dynamic site that I created using XML and Xpath. I have everything doing what I want it to do except for my last section called the GUESTS section. To get an understanding of the what I need done you can go to and navigate to the episode section.

What you will see is 13 thumbnails that represent the 1st level of the drill down, then below on the right hand side you will see 4(can be up to 5) thumbnails with titles representing the 2nd level of the drill down, now is where the issue comes up. To the right of that there is the 3rd level, where the text relating to the 2nd level thumb you choose, and will populate with text info, using dynamic text fields.

My issue is that if you click on any of the 2nd level thumbs (1 of the 4) the information changes appropriately, except when you click on the one named “High Glam Fashion Shoot”, it brings up 7 objects but when I choose another 2nd choice it does not remove/clear 6 of the objects from the stage.

How can I do this?

I have attached the code in a text file.

Thanks in advance.