XML Socket issue

Hi All,

I posted this under the ‘Flash Player’ forums, but maybe that was the wrong place. Apologies for duplicating posts.

Im having an issue I can’t get to the bottom of, and would really appreciate some help if anyone can.

I have a simple AS3 flash file which is connecting to an XMLSocket on a port above 1024. Bascially, we are serving the policy file ok (i have used the debug version of the player to confirm this). The problem is this:

** In Flash Player 10, it works**

Where as in Flash Player 9 it doesn’t! I’ve tried many versions of flash player 9 up until the last version, and the first version of flash player 10 is ok, the socket connection works. I would have thought it would be the other way round? With Flash Player 10 being more secure?

NOTE: In both senarios it remains published for Flash Player 9, ActionScript 3

I have placed listeners for:





And NONE of these are being called when attempting to connect with flash player 9.

Im a bit confused as to why its working in 10 and not 9. Is there anything ive overlooked?

Any help really appreciated!