XML Socket project

Im sure the people that recognized the xml socket part of the title have probably used an socket server somewhere or at least tried… this thread is for the people that used one and never found it easy to use or had limitations.

Some people might remember this thread back in the days, where porpous8 and i, intergrated a flash chat with all his skins…

The forum chat backend, a php script, has been modified over the years for general usage, extendable and event based, i’m not going to post the code, but here’s a usage example:

Socket server main class
Example server

as you notice, i didn’t post full code of the main class, this is for 1 reason… the xml socket server still needs a flash as3 class to go along with it, having almost the same events and the same ease of use.

so why this thread? im looking for someone that is interested to create this class with me and eventually publish the full code on the forums for everyone to use. so everyone can get started quick with xml sockets. probably a tutorial on this to add it to the kirupa tutorial collection.

what you guys think?