XML thumbnail gallery

Good day,

for all of the searches ive made… a link drop me here… many thanks to this website… it really helps me alot… with tons of tutorials and samples… i am new to AS and seems like this website makes me a bit pro… :angel:

Anyways, most of i like here is the xml gallery… i have created my own using the tutorial “Photo Gallery using XML and Flash”… ive learned a lot…but the thing is the gallery ive created is just a thumbnail no preview at the top of the thumbnail…the thumbnail ive created works fine to me…sliding left and right following the mouse direction… in “Adding thumbnail” tutorial, when click on the image in the thumbnail it will show a large view of the image in the top portion of the movie… what my work is, when i click on the image it supposed to link on a URL. but i dont know how to make this using XML… and how to link the URL in XML to the thumbnail…

is it possible to put URL inside xml to a certain node…then linking that url when the button is click in the movie??



any help will be appreciated…