Xml variables' paths in a loaded movie via movie cliip loader

Okay, I found 3 different .fla files:
1] an XML photogallery [including image, thumbnails and title & description]
2] a Navigational type file [when a button is pressed, the screen moves to that section, set by x & y coordinates, with friction]
3] a file featuring loading multiple external .swf’s into specific movie clips [movie clip loader, instead of loadMovieNum]

All the files work fine independently.
I put the actions of the movie clip loader into “navigation-1.swf”.
The movie clip loader calls “gallery4.swf” and places it in a movie clip deep navigation-1.swf.

Gallery4.swf loads almost loads fine in navigation-1.swf; the images and thumbnails show, but the title and descriptions do not.

a] It might be the paths in gallery4.swf. I read the tutorials in paths/advanced paths from actionscript.org. I tried applying it in the code. Still I’m not sure if this is it. So, I went to investigate the movie clip loader script and thge navigation-1.swf file.

b] I was thinking the problem was the navigation-1.swf. I tried something to test that out. I called the gallery4.swf using loadMovieNum into level1. Everything in the gallery showed up, images and text. So now, I’m thinking it’s not the navigation-1.swf that’s giving me a problem. I think it’s the movie clip loader script that might be playing games with me.

The only reason why I’m set on using the movie clip loader to load gallery4.swf into navigation-1.swf is because I like the effect of everything on the stage moving; this is accomplished when gallery4.swf is loaded in a particular movie clip in navigation-1.swf.

Can anyone help me out with this one? I’m okay with flash [that’s stretching it], but you guys/gals are the gurus!!!

Here’s a link to view navigation-1.html, the file that calls gallery4.swf

Here’s a link to just view gallery4.swf

Here’s the .zip of the files involved.

[SIZE=1]Mind you the visuals aren’t done yet, I’m still trying to figure the functional part, hopefully!!! AAAAA [/SIZE]
Hope your brains’ are sharp tonight because I think mine has worn as my eyes tonight!!! :cyclops:

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