XML/XSL for view& print -- pro or con?

What is the experience to use XML/XSL as View & Print Generator?
Is the use of XSLTProcessor future-proof? The main focus is the use in Firefox/Chrome.

Sorry - not fully following. Are you trying to add printing support to your page?

In fact with a Firefox/Thunderbird addon I’m using XSLT and friends to generate a web page from actual ICS event data. Because there are massive changes with Mozilla I would like to understand what’s a long term view with that XSLT technology. It seems there are big projects out there using it, but is that a good sign for the future also? Maybe there are other/better/easier technolgies?

Backwards compatibility is a big part of the web. Unless XSLT is marked for deprecation, which it isn’t currently, you are safe to use it :grinning: