XMLList and element()


I have an XMLList:

var contentList:XMLList = loadedXML.someNode.elements(nodeFromNavElement);

Where “nodeFromNavElement” is a var being passed from a movie clip the user clicks on. That all works fine.

The user is now in a particular section of the Flash app, and the content being pulled from the XML corresponds to the section. If the user clicks another movie clip (or navigation element, the content needs to update. I need to get another node within the current node, like this:

var contentList:XMLList = loadedXML.someNode.elements(nodeFromNavElement).elements(nextNodeFromNavElement);

But I’m trying to append to the XMLList… something like:

var contentList:XMLList = loadedXML.someNode.elements(nodeFromNavElement) + .elements(nextNodeFromNavElement);

Which obvioulsy doesn’t (and shouldn’t) work. But does anyone know how you would something like this? Does what I’m trying to do make any sense?