I have a simple two player flash game in development. I am using a variant of Moock’s CommServer ( a simple socket server written in java) running on a linux RH9 box and when testing everything works fine.
I run the movies in the flash player and everything works lovely…
both players can connect to the XML socket server and have a game of ‘tennis’ the xml is passed to and fro like a treat.
however when I upload the swf files to the apache server on the same box as the CommServer and then access them as if I am Joe Client, the XMLconnect doesn’t connect.

I find this behaviour slightly baffling, as I said when the flash clients are run ‘locally’ (initiated on client machines either in the flash player or in IE5 ) they work fine, only when initiated from apache server does the xml xocket not connect ???

Any clues anyone ???
is this a permissions issue to do with apache ??