XP nusance

One thing that’s been bothering me about XP is that I can’t change the headings in a folder back to the standard ones. In my shared folder I’m trying to view them by “last modified” I can do it in other folders but not this one because it contains so much music. Instead the headings list “Artist, Album Title, Year” etc. does anyone know if and how to change this back? I’ve already been through the properties and Folder Options and nothing has changed it back.

grumbles about liking 98 more

Hey Copper,
You can do that by going to your Shared Folder and going to View | Choose Details. Check the box for Date Modified and press OK. You should be able to arrange files now by “Modified.”

Kirupa :cap:

I can’t understand how you can like 98 more… @least like 2000 more. Whenever I go back to using 98 (usually @ old neighbors houses who bought their computer in 1999 and wonder why it’s slower than their friends new one… ITS BEEN 5 YEARS)
I can’t stand all the stuff I’m used to not being there. XP used to be crappy, but with all the service packs and such, it’s quite the operating system.

I must whole-heartedly agree with Stu. The moment I did not have to restart when I changed and IP was like a god send to me. I know I have the same problem when I go to a neighbor’s house or something, and there is 98. Sitting there . . . mocking me. Laughing as it says “I have no Administrative Tools.” Or “Oh, you want to do that? I guess I need to restart.”