Xray look?

Does anyone know how to go about making an xray image all in photoshop? Or has anyone seen a tutorial? I found images online but they are not nearly as big as I need them. 8 1/2 by 11 300dpi! So we are talking immense. Any help greatly appreciated.

bump…need help…man down

i might have something, but im at work and dont have anything in front of me, is this something that could possibly wait till tonight? Again the effect I have “may” work…

^guess that was pretty ambiguous…lol

yeah I can wait…since I am having troubles with it I have no choice. thanks man.

Have you tried searching for a really really big picture of a plain skeleton and just applying some x-ray type effects to it? You could just give it a black background and change the skeleton color. Then you could make a vector outline of the body around it and fill it in.
Don’t know if that’s what your lookin for, but it’s all I can come up with at the moment.

yes. It is the xray type effect I am having problems with.

if anyone has a solution to this i’d be glad to know first…
thing is since an xray shows bones & flesh and skin you need all three components, blend them to one tone of colors (dark blue/white) and then work with transparencies I guess…

I am close kinda…Still working with it. If I get it Ill post it. I know I will not be able to make a tut since I have already forgot most of what I have done to get this far.

hmm i know back in the day wehn i used fw4 there ws this set of filters called eye candy? they had a good xray effect there. try to get it, its from like alien something its really good and prob cheap now. if its not eye candy (which i think it is) its their other set.

I think it’s called Alien Skin…

I’ve heard about it somewhere…

here you go, this is an x-ray effect within PS without the need for 3rd party filters.

1 - convert pic to greyscale

2 - invert pic
(ctrl+I, or go to image/adjustments/invert)

now you have a x-ray effect!

hope this helps…


Thx I tried it and it was just not convincing enough. Trying to get it photo realistic yet 100% PS…But thanks anway.

if it weren’t for the 100% photoshop, i figured out how you can get the x-ray effect. the only problem is you get it on photopaper… so it’s a “real” picture…
heres an example of what you can do, post if you’re interested.
when i scan it in, the example will be at the site below.

hmm, seems to have looked better on the photo paper… oh well…

yeah but the thing is you need pictures of bones + skin to be able to make an x-ray. don’t how else you can

I used a 3D Studio Max skeleton model, some organs I found laying around (te he he), and muscles.

It’s not perfect yet (the leg and arm muscles have to be moved into place) and maybe adjust saturation and hue a bit. Oh, and he needs an esophagus…LOL

If you think you can finish it let me know I’ll tell you where to download to .psd.

Hope you have a broadband connection…IT’S 10MB!!!:stunned:

On second thought, I could just post the skeleton and tell you where I give the link to the muscles I found…???..Either way…

did you do te whole ting in 3ds? I actually only need the ankle area but I am curious as to how you did it. lemme know where I can cgeck out the psd. :slight_smile:

…I was going to suggest modeling a skeleton… :-\


No just the skeleton was done in 3ds…The rest was “pieced together” and done in PhotoShop…

Xray .psd …:thumb:…

just found this link. they have a tut for the xray look your looking for.


thanks man…I’ll post my results in a few days…thanks peoples