Well…here it goes: I’m webmaster of this site and i have several doubts in order to enhance mantenance.

The main problem is the first page in Flash. Currently i have 3 news as flash buttons…each one going to a different bookmark.

My “bosses” want to me to change to 6-8 news in the first page, so i have to create an automated way to process that. The answer is XML. So i create a XML (RSS to provide an extra feature) and load text and links to Flash.
That’s ok…but how can i stylize the text? CSS in Flash? i know it is possible…is it the best way?

And since i’m creating a XML file with the news…can i load the XML to the HTML part of the site to improve flexibility? If so…do i have to use XSL or can i stick with my CSS?

And how do people normally create RSS? with PHP?

Sorry if i’m asking too many questions, but those questions are really important to me! Thanks in advance!