Yeehaw IE6.. need some help guys

So, I have 2 issues in IE6 that are really stumping me, one of which I have never encountered, ever, in all my days of CSS-ing. And with that said let’s get to it.

**NOTE: Please note, that I have changed the body background in the file “i_hate_ie.css” to yellow so you can see the spacing issues.

Default Page:
Content Page:

[COLOR=Silver][1] The first one is a spacing issue on the content page that I can’t seem to resolve. Even though the code on the 2 different pages is exactly the same, the one on the content page has a little extra cushion for some reason.

If you open content page and look just below the big black box in the center of the screen, you will see a gray bar, much like the one at the top directly below the 3 main nav buttons (it’s actually in fact the exact same code, just copied). You will also notice that there is ~9px of spacing above this line and ~4px of spacing below it. I need this spacing removed. If you look at the other page (default page), you will see that it works perfectly fine on this page (no spacing).[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Apparently Fixed when Solving Part 2[/COLOR]

[2] The second issue is the one that I have never seen before. If you look at default page, scroll towards the bottom where you see the grid of links with the map. If you notice, the last 2 links in this grid are “Hand Wraps and Taps” and “Clothing” under “Boxing Equipment” section. If you look down and to the left now (below this grid link section), you will see the words “Taps” and “Clothing” out of no where. If you mouse over them, it actually activates the hover action on the anchor tags in the actual list. I have no idea where these are from, since there is NOTHING that I can see in the code that has them there.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]SOLVED![/COLOR]

But there they are! If you can help me out in any way, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks! :beer: