Yet another Photo Gallery

after a bit of messing around i have managed to come up with the following. its still a bit buggy and the code is kind of a mess but i thought i’d post it up here anyway.

Demo XML and Photos
]sample pics
[/list]Version 2

[/list]the sample pics are in a zip and weigh in at a tad under 3mb or so (i used a fair few of them :P) anyway, if you download all those files and put em into a single directory it will work :smiley:

acknowledgements go to many other posts in this forum from which i have gotton ideas (and to which various sections of my code looks correspondingly the same)

anyway, um, yeah, tell me what you think :wink:

(btw i suggest just going right click --> save for the xml)

Version 2 - added a preloader for the thumbnails