Yet another question

is there a way to make a score box for a game that goes up by more than 1

yes there is…

oh you want to know how?? :wink:

A text field will just display what ever variable is assigned to it… if you update the variable, then the text box will update.

probebly the best way is to have a function defined in frame 1 of the main movie Something like

function score (){

now, anytime you put
in anything from a frame, to a button, it will call that function, and make the variable called “scoreTotal” go up by 1 every time it is called.

A text field anywhere with a variable name of “_root.scoreTotal” will update anytime that function is called.

My understanding of the question is : can I make so that when I do something, the score goes up by 5 for instance.
Just replace ;

function score (){


function score (){
scoreTotal += 5;

in the last thread.

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