Yet Another Rant By SlowRoasted- CAR

About 2 months ago I bought a 2002 honda accord EX. This is the first nice car Ive owned in my life. It is decked out with black leather interior, sunroof, 6 disk changer in the dash, alloys, etc. the purpose of this thread is not to brag, but vent about my misfortunes with this car. Since buying it someone decided to key my hood about a month ago. Also, last night someone ran into the left rear of my car around the back side marker. There is a bad dent now and the paint has cracked all over. I can’t find the car that did it, im sure it has paint on it though.

anyways, does anyone know if i can claim something like that on insurence and get it fixed? will my insurence go up? :trout: