Yet another scroller problem

Hi ppl, please help me,

So, now in my current flash project i have Dynamic TextField with ScrollBar component attached. Also I have some buttons. Theese buttons do load HTML files to the TextxField on release.

The problem is explained below:

  1. I click the first button and it loads content from first file to my TexdField.
  2. Then I scroll my TextField a bit.
  3. I click another button which loads content from the second file to my TextField
  4. And what!? - The text field is filled with the new content but it is scrolled…

So I want my TextField ScrollBar to reset every time I click any button and load a new content to th TextField.

sorry for my English… Tell me if I explained my problem not clearly, i’ll try to explain it with some other words.

I found the answer by myself - all i have to do is to use this method of FScrollBar on button ‘on release’ event:


it’s so simple - sorry for this stupid question.
I’m going to RTFM, bye