Yoghurt divide by zero error

Hi all, just sat down to my lunch and I’ve managed to get an ‘ASDA Light’ yogurt as part of my lunch instead of the standard Muller Lights (as they were a bit cheaper and on offer).

Reading the side of the pot, I noticed that it says ‘Fat Free’ yogurt, and the little bit of blurb says ‘Fat free strawberry yogurt with sugar and sweetner contains 90% less fat than a standard low fat yogurt’.

My mind instantly froze in confusion - take any arbitrary number - let’s say 93. Now divide 93 by zero and what do you get? On modern computers you may get a divide by zero error or the value ‘infinity’ in calculator.

You can’t divide something by zero and come out with 90% less than something else…!!

So I read the nutrition information, the yogurt contains 0.1g of fat, which is mathmatically an **infinite **amount more than the amount proposed to be contained within the yogurt…

What the hell does “<insert ingredient here> free” mean these days? Are we going to see peanut allergy sufferers keeling over in the street dead because their carrot cake said ‘peanut free’ on the side of it, but contained 1% peanuts?!"£?!"£?


Addendum: Is it yogurt or yoghurt? Which one!? I can’t even seem to decide!!!