You´ll like this baby
A baby tricked by the media we produce.

Please help improve this hilarious site.

well, none of the links worked - to be honest there isnt much to improve (everything thus far is cool). I must say though the teddy bear that has a pull string is really neat! Post again when the sections are active - but so far so good (again teddybear thing is cool).


also, per the new section changes… you should post this site in the site check forum until you get it finished - not in the site of the week which is designated for entries for the award.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ok. I didn’t get much chance to check this site out as I am currently working on something.

Did you mean to submit this as a Site Of The Week Award entry or did you just want people to check it? If you just wanted people to check it, I will gladly move it to the Site Check section.

Ryall: The links worked, you have to drag and drop them onto the baby.

PS - That teddy bear rocked!

haha the animations with the baby are funny…i like the one where he goes inside the computer and then it has a windows error…hehe:)

reminds me of the monty python cutout animations…and now for something completly different :slight_smile:

Thanks for the greatings.

I want to win the site of the week. But, if I didn´t want to hear critics, I won´t put my site in a forum. So, criticize me and judge my site, OK?

U want critics??

oki, here’s one for ya:

That baby is SCARY! At least that’s what I think… :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost jumped outta my seat when it’s head popped out on the splash… freaked my out!!

That baby enchanted me and you too. He has an enigmatic face: we don´t know if he is smiling or he is scared.
This is the human nature: wonderfull :o and dangerous:evil:

hehe yeah maybe hes possesed…its pretty scary though…but funny at the same time

Where did u get that picure from and what program u use to modify it?

k cya :slight_smile:

I was looking at a image stock book to get an Idea and I stoped my eyes at that baby. It was love at first view.

I used the liquify option and other tools in Photoshop 6.:ninja: