Found myself with a bit of spare time today, so I had a go at drawing Yuna from FFX. She’s not finished yet, still needs a bit of tidying up, but it’s basically from the still where she performs the Sending in Kilika…

Nice :smiley:
Her face looks a little off, but other than that, everything seems perfect.

Kit - you have several PMs into you and an email from me to your email addy. I need your battle entry before tomorrow night, please respond and give me a status update.

btw, i love the shading on her back :slight_smile:

her whole left arm is impressive! amazing shadows and shading, the hair its great too - I hate you - but her face, mmmmmm, its nice but it doesnt looks like her…

Great start Kit! Can’t wait to see the final thing.

PS. Don’t disappear after you submit your work this time.:wink:

**** another awsome drawing can’t wait to see the finished version your work never ceases to amaze me.

very impressive!!! and the face seems great so far

as the others, I can’t wait to see the finished product :smiley:

whoa, kit. don’t you ever get tired of our compliments? :wink: or perhaps you just love them.

anyway yea, that’s another great one. just wondering…how long do you spend to do one of these?

This one took a couple of hours so far. It’s more the colouring that takes the time. Well, that and drawing the lines for the hair, that’s horrendously time consuming and tricky and never goes how you want it to. :stuck_out_tongue: