Z-index and layering


Oh, he’s new (:bu: ) Who made him?

But ANYWAYS. I have been trying to get a layer to position itself over a section of my page. The layer has to scroll with the page to stay ontop of the section, and it cant be positioned by the typical margins of the page because I’ve gotten the main table to be centered which would alternate the co-ordinates needed depending on the screen res.

When I try using ‘absolute’ it positions itself relating to the typical margins of the page.

When I use ‘relative’ then it seems to push aside the material on a lower level.

I seem to remember a code that can allow me to tell the layer where I want the 0.0 to be. (i.e. 0.0 should start in the immediate top left corner of the specific td I have prepared and already has data underneath.)

Any ideas?