Zoo Game (new game)

Ok this could turn into a game thread,
even if I was posting this one as a joke…

Name this animal… (No it hasn’t crawled out of someones pants)

naked mole rat… but that thing’s gotta be the most disturbing image I’ve seen in about seven minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha ha you got it…


I thought some ppl would call it a photoshoped #$%@

lookin’ at that pic’s a pretty nice way for me to start a day innit? :wink:

Hee hee…

I want someone to post a image of something else that no one can guess…

Not even our resident Zooloigist

yeah, this is an alltime favourite. just sooooooo sexy.

here another one:

and it’s not just cool looking, its also blind, deaf and mute.

It’s a protheus, amphibian thing!


and here another beautiful animal

Jezus, quit it man, I still need to have breakfast ;(

However, that is cleary an axolotl :elderly:


hey how could you know?

…hmm, probably from path of the image


Ok - here is a tough one!


A lobster?


That guy’s fingernails are disgustingly dirty. But axolots are amazingly cool. I have mixed feelings about this picture.

I swear that’s one of those chihuahua things Taco Bell created.

This is the zoo game not the post your picture thread.

As a certified worker in the seafood department at a local grocery store, I have the authority to tell you that your guess is 100% correct!



And This Isnt the Post Your Pet Game

or maybe it is :stuck_out_tongue: