Zoom in movieclip

hey again :slight_smile:

i have a 1 movieclip names OBJ inside 1 movieclip named map

the map = 1000 x 1000 _x=0 , _y=0;

the OBJ movieclip = 100x100 _x=100 , _y=200; inside the map movieclip…

now… i scale the map to 20 %

on the stage…

now i when i click the OBJ movieclip inside the map movieclip

i want the map movieclip to _xscale and _yscale to 100%

but i want the OBJ movieclip to be position _x=0 _y=0 global to the stage?

so this doesnt work:

inside the map:
this.pt = {x:this.OBJ._x, y:this.OBJ._y};

if (this._xscale<=98) {
this._xscale +=(100-this._xscale)/4;
} else {
this._xscale = 100;
if (this._yscale<=98) {
this._yscale +=(100-this._yscale)/4;
} else {
this._yscale = 100;
this._x=(this._x-pt.x) + pt.x
this._y=(this._y-pt.y) +pt.y


how can i scale and position the map moviexclip so the OBJ is global to x:0,y:0 on the stage and 100%