Zoomable map

hi, guys,

I am creating a project for Canadian Reserves and Natural Wonders (not the seven wanders that you heard of) but something for all of us, canadians and our kids and families to do while we are on weekends.

right now the gallery of the stuff is located at


right now I am using a gallery style for image display, which will definately stay.

what I would like to created is:

a zommable map of Canada (which will include provinces) whereas user when clicking on let’s say on Ontario will be “zoomed” into Ontario map from the same map, then the natural reserves will appear, so user then clikin on the particular reserve will be “zoomed” even deeper to “arrive at” the destination reserve, frome there by clicking the button user can navigate to a specified flash scene.

I can create entire thing without any zooming, but I thought it will be very cool idea…

just imagine Planet earth, zoomed into Canada, zoomed into Ontario, zoomed into Bryce Peninsular, zoomed into Cyprus Lake, zoomed into the 20 meters underwater cave…