Zooming and panning help

I’m relatively new to Flash, but I have some programming experience - so my AS isn’t so so bad.

Here’s the scenario:

I have created a new movie clip with AS, used the drawing API to draw myself a background/viewing area for what is to come.

I then have a variety of functions that draw additional movieclips onto this one in the form of circles. The idea is I can generate a family tree sort of thing with linkages between parents and their children (which all works fine)… the problem I am having is writing in/designing some sort of panning/zooming functionality to enable users to navigate. However, keep in mind that on the main stage I have a dedicated viewing area where I only want the nodes to appear (i.e. if they don’t fall into this space, they shouldn’t be shown) - and that this area should be exclusive for nodes and the navigation (imagine a viewing pane cut out of the main stage showing something behind that I could like to pan/zoom/navigate etc). I was hoping there was some kind of “field of view”, or “viewing area” functionality in Flash I could adopt… but alas… I can’t find anything.

I am completely baffled, I’ve searched Google, searched these forums - but found nothing. Maybe I’m not looking for the right thing. I hope I have been descriptive enough - thanks for any help that is to follow.